UserVoice works with all the systems you already use


Connect UserVoice with Gainsight to ensure you don’t miss valuable insights from the conversations Success has with customers while also arming them with product knowledge and up-to-date statuses.


UserVoice connects with Jira to keep your Product and Engineering teams in sync throughout the product development process. 

Azure DevOps

UserVoice and Azure DevOps work together to help product development teams stay on the same page.


UserVoice’s Slack integration enables you to keep your whole organization aware of what your customers are saying. Capture feedback and perform common actions right from Slack.


Connect UserVoice and Zendesk to empower your support team to give users a voice by escalating customer problems and feature gaps to the product team.

Your data, your way

Whether you want to create a custom idea collection channel, enrich your customer feedback with more context, or simply export it for further analysis, we’ve got your back! Our API enables you to effortlessly pipe key customer data between UserVoice and your data warehouse or business intelligence tools. Because, after all, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to feedback analysis.

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