UserVoice works with all the systems you already use

From your CRM to your Engineering tools to your Data Warehouse.

UserVoice integrates with systems across your company. Because you can’t be customer-centric with your feedback in a silo.

Fits into your existing product development process

What good is feedback if it never gets acted upon? But who has time to keep track of how all that feedback relates to work your engineering team is doing? Fortunately, UserVoice integrates with both Jira and Visual Studio Online so you can keep all your stakeholders and product development in the loop.

Integrates with Salesforce to answer your most pressing questions

Salesforce is not just where your customer-facing teams live, it’s also where feedback and data critical to making smart product decisions lives too. UserVoice not only enables your customer-facing teams to submit & view updates on feedback from the comfort of your CRM but also to give you the ability to answer critical questions like:

What product gaps are blocking the most deals? or the biggest?
What’s the most common feedback from our enterprise customers? Or churn risk customers?
Which will impact more of our revenue: addressing an issue for a couple of enterprise
Customers or for hundreds of SMB ones?
What do customers across one industry or vertical need versus others? What do they both want that aligns together?

UserVoice and your data warehouse: better together

Having a single system of record for all your feedback is only half the battle. You also want to understand the users and organisations behind that feedback. Putting these two datasets together enables you to answer critical questions about what specific segments of your customers need the most. Traditionally this is a lot of work, especially if you don’t have a data team, but since UserVoice integrates with almost any data warehouse under the sun it’s easy. We can painlessly pipe key customer data and feedback between UserVoice and your data warehouse.

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