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Transform product feedback into intelligent data to drive product strategy

Prioritize feature requests and build a data-driven product roadmap

Combine quantitative customer data with qualitative product feedback to make informed roadmap decisions.

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Product Prioritization
Feedback Collection: Support & Success, Sales Team, Customers, Executives

Capture product feedback from users, customers, and internal teams

We make it easy for users and customer-facing teams to leave feedback in a way that's useful for you.

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We scale with your product and users

UserVoice has the tools to help you turn large quantities of customer feedback into meaningful product insights.

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Management & Moderation

We make product teams more effective

Product Manager

Prioritize the features in your roadmap based on data-driven insights from your customer feedback.

Product Executive

Maximize returns and drive product growth by allocating product and engineering resources with confidence.

Feedback Manager

Champion the customer with an efficient customer feedback process for you and your product team.

Customers who trust us with their products

“By actively using UserVoice, we’ve been able to look at trends and gain insights for our roadmaps and show our customers we’re listening.”

Visual Studio

“We really push for customer validation, so we make sure anything we build is something that customers actually need and is solving an actual problem.”


“UserVoice helps us decide what to build and how to build it to best meet our customers‘ complex needs.”

Practice Fusion

“Our entire development pipeline from day one has sprung from feedback from users and what they want and need from us.”

Cirrus Insight

Killer content for product people

How to Get Valuable Product Insight from Customer-Facing Teams


How to Get Valuable Product Insight from Customer-Facing Teams

Internal feedback can come from lots of different places within your organization, and it’s essential for a product manager to capture and address it all.

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The Product Manager’s Guide to Smart Roadmap Prioritization


The Product Manager’s Guide to Smart Roadmap Prioritization

Your product roadmap tells a story. It shows where your product is today, where it’s headed, and how it’s going to get there.

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Turning Anecdotes into Actionable Data


Turning Anecdotes into Actionable Data

Richard White, CEO of UserVoice, will explore the approaches that leading companies employ to turn anecdotes into actionable data that drive informed product decisions.