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Powerful customer feedback analytics

UserVoice makes it easy to make sense of your customer feedback so that you can deliver real outcomes for your customers and your business.
Identify top areas for product improvement
Quantify the impact of requests by customer segments
Align product initiatives with business objectives
Identify top areas for product improvement
Quantify the impact of requests by customer segments
Align product initiatives with business objectives
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Focus on the right features at the right time

Balance customer-focused initiatives with business objectives for optimal growth.

Enrich customer feedback with business intelligence

Add more context to your feedback with user and account traits data from Salesforce. Or easily sync your UserVoice data to the data warehouse of your choice with our open API, Fivetran, and Stitch integrations. No code is necessary.

Prioritize around data-backed decisions

Confidently prioritize what to build next by evaluating CRM data alongside clear user signals. Pin-point quick wins, marketplace trends, account-based opportunities, and potential risks. Avoid recency bias, pet projects, and HIPPOs with actual data.
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Make better product decisions as a team

Reduce inefficiencies and reworks by bringing a data-driven lens to stakeholder meetings and roadmap planning sessions. Efficiently categorize feedback and initiatives into sharable action plans for specific product lines or areas.

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Increase customer satisfaction

Promote new feature adoption and customer retention by alerting users when features or updates they requested go live.

Place the right product bets

UserVoice surfaces reach metrics to help you determine which features are most likely to lead to adoption and customer retention.
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Identify top ideas for improvement

Eliminate the guesswork by using importance ratings, likes, and comments to evaluate customer demand.

Segment by account type

Want to know which features your target customers are requesting? Or which features were popular amongst your recently churned accounts? Filter your feedback by custom cohorts to discover retention drivers.
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Maintain loyalty through transparency

Don’t leave users wondering what’s come of their feedback. Easily notify users when something they’ve asked for is in progress, in beta, or has been launched.

Iterate quickly

Bugs happen and product launches do not always go as planned. Spring into action with automated notifications and Slack updates.
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Tie user behavior to important feedback

See which actions prompted feedback by watching your users’ journey before and after they shared feedback. Our FullStory integration enables you to jump from a user’s idea to their recent FullStory sessions.
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“Using UserVoice we’ve been able to shape our product roadmap based on feedback and are able to make sure that we aren’t wasting developer resources.”

Mark Powell, Product Development Manager | Muddy Boots

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