Product + Success: Customer-centricity's MVPs

UserVoice’s Gainsight Integration helps bridge the gap between Customer Success, Product Management, and customers to empower organizations to live up to their commitment to customer-centricity.
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Smooth out the rough edges of your product feedback process with UserVoice and Gainsight

Mitigate risk, capitalize on opportunities

Quickly see the functionality your upcoming at-risk renewals have asked for. Conversely, unlock revenue and advocacy potential by seeing what your best customers are asking for.

Empower your Success team to advocate for customer needs

Help your success team be internal champions for customers by enabling them to seamlessly capture and share customer feedback without ever leaving Gainsight.

Eliminate the feedback black hole

Ditch the clunky feedback spreadsheets and scribbled on Post-It notes and streamline communication between Product Management and customer-facing teams regarding updates on requested features.

Deepen customer relationships

For Customer Success Managers, knowledge is power. Give your CSMs an always-up-to-date view of an account’s requests and their current status and enable them to exude confidence and earn trust in customer calls by sharing timely updates with customers.

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