Understand what your customers really want

Collect, organize, and prioritize product feedback with a system built to scale with you.
Capture and view all of your customer feedback in one place
Surface your most valuable product opportunities
Foster a shared understanding of customer needs
View all of your customer feedback in one place
Surface your most valuable product opportunities
Foster a shared understanding of customer needs

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Collect feedback without the chaos

Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets, emails, and word docs. Centralize feedback from all your channels to quantify requests and uncover the “why” behind user demand.
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Branded feedback portal

Give your customers a personalized place to voice, vote on, and discuss ideas for product features and improvements.

In-app feedback widget

Meet customers where they already are for a frictionless experience. Enable users to quickly share feedback from within your mobile or web app.
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Make it easy for internal teams to share customer feedback

UserVoice’s Contributor Sidebar allows your sales, success, and support teams to capture feedback on behalf of customers directly from any web-based application.

Put customer needs front and center

Push status updates and incoming feedback to a dedicated Slack channel for organization-wide visibility.
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Connect UserVoice with your Zendesk account

Enable your customer support team to seamlessly pass along context-rich feedback on important feature gaps or usability issues without interrupting their existing workflows.

Your feedback data, your way

Pipe key customer data between UserVoice and your preferred data warehouse or business intelligence tools with our API.

Connect the dots faster

Streamline your workflow with organizational tools that can be customized to map your data to the right product suite, team, and customer segment.

Create private and public feedback forums

Utilize forums to organize feedback by features you’re beta-testing, have already released, and specific product areas to make triaging and responding to requests easier.
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Close the loop with status updates

Automatically notify users and internal team members as you move ideas from one stage to the next.

Get granular insights with advanced segmentation

Discover opportunities and flag concerns with powerful filtering options. See which feedback resonates the most with your target accounts, where you missed the mark with customers who churned, and which verticals may be ripe for market expansion.
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Automatically find and merge duplicate ideas

Detect and consolidate similar ideas with our new Merge Matches technology– powered by AI.

Translate customer feedback into revenue impact

Connect UserVoice to your favorite CRM to evaluate the reach and  potential revenue impact of a requested feature or functionality.
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Group ideas by categories and labels

Use customizable tagging to organize and route requests and stay on top of product initiatives.

Spot emerging trends as they happen

See which ideas are gaining traction and which may be worth pursuing based on revenue, voting, and commenting insights.
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Monitor incoming feedback at a glance

Quickly assess the reception of a new product or feature release, shifting areas of user need, and changes in your volume of feedback with our Idea Insights dashboard.

Keep a pulse on user activity

Stay responsive and in the know with automatic notifications. Opt-in to receive updates when customers or teammates leave a comment, create a new idea, or react to status updates.
Make product feedback your new competitive advantage
Uncover pain points and untapped opportunities.