UserVoice vs. Productboard

Collect feedback at scale with the highly-rated alternative to Productboard

Discover why the world’s leading product teams prefer UserVoice to capture, analyze, and close the loop on product feedback.
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Loved by users

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4.5 / 5 on G2
Based on 229 reviews

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4.3 / 5 on G2
Based on 216 reviews

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UserVoice delivers more where it matters most

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Dedicated Customer Service

Our customers’ success is at the heart of everything we do.
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98% customer satisfaction score
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9.1 support rating on G2
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Tailored onboarding to match your team’s unique needs, timeline, and desired outcomes
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Scalable Feedback

From robust search functionality to advanced customer segmentation and customizable features, UserVoice offers the right mix of flexibility and depth, so you can mirror your team workflows, prioritize the right features, and keep customers in the loop without the manual hassle.
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Industry Expertise

Unlike Productboard, feedback is our foremost passion and Northstar. Since starting the feedback revolution over 15 years ago, we’ve helped countless teams build better products by centering their product discovery process around customer feedback.
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What our customers are saying

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“I highly recommend UserVoice to any business that wants to prioritize their customer feedback and improve their products or services. With its user-friendly interface, customizable feedback forums, powerful analytics, and integration with other tools, UserVoice is a great solution for businesses looking to engage with their customers and make data-driven decisions.”

- Verified User, G2

Deliver more value with the only feedback management platform built for growth
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Say goodbye to disorganized feedback and manual processes

UserVoice’s clean UI accelerates understanding the potential impact of customer requests and ideas.
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Filter, sort, and group requests by votes, associated revenue, customer segments, customizable fields, labels, and more to prioritize and organize feedback in a way that aligns with your workflows and business goals.

Drive consensus by tying feedback to real business value

Confidently justify your product decisions by bringing deeper quantitative context to the table.
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Evaluate your Salesforce or preferred CRM data alongside clear user signals to see which ideas are trending amongst your highest-value accounts, at-risk customers, and target verticals to assess the full potential impact of requested features or functionality.
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Stay customer-centric even as you grow

With UserVoice, any volume of feedback is made readily available and actionable.
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Advanced data filtering
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AI to help you find and merge duplicate requests
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Easy-to-execute automation to keep your team and customers in the loop
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No seat limitations

Our Philosophical Difference

We believe feedback should be reciprocal and that in order for it to work, customers need to feel seen and heard. Along with built-in communication tools and automatic status notifications to help teams keep customers engaged and in the loop, we make it easy to invite customers to view and vote on every idea submitted–new and old– instead of constraining users to only pre-selected ideas.

Switching is easy

Is your team already using Productboard? UserVoice will work with you every step of the way to migrate your feedback data and we integrate with the tools you already love.
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And more
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Simple, predictable pricing

Building customer-centric products takes organizational-wide effort. That is why UserVoice doesn’t charge per seat. With upfront and predictable pricing options, you can add as many team members as you’d like, and as your organization grows, we’ll grow with you.
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“UserVoice is simple, intuitive, and gets the job done for customer-facing products. When you have a really robust product with lots of features, there can be so many feature requests coming from all directions that it's tough for a product team to see how all of these things fit into a roadmap, but UserVoice makes it really easy to collect all these ideas and collate them so that they're digestible and impactful, getting the most important feedback where it needs to go"

- Verified User, G2

The feedback platform for high-performing teams

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