UserVoice vs. Aha!

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Everything you need to listen and learn from your customers without the steep learning curve. See why the world’s leading product teams choose UserVoice to capture, analyze, and close the loop on product feedback.
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4.5 / 5 on G2
Based on 218 reviews

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4.3 / 5 on G2
Based on 221 reviews

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Why choose UserVoice for user feedback vs. Aha?

Aha is an all-purpose product development platform that boasts a lot of tools and capabilities, including feedback management. But for teams committed to handling customer feedback at scale, UserVoice outshines the competition by offering deeper analysis and outreach tools that bring customer needs front and center.

For over 15 years, UserVoice has helped product management teams level up their product discovery and development processes by making customer feedback not only accessible but actionable.
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Do more with product feedback
View and manage all of your customer feedback in one powerful place
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Spend less time navigating disjointed workflows and more time engaging with your customers.

UserVoice’s clean UI accelerates understanding the potential impact of customer requests and ideas.
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Filter, sort, and group requests by votes, associated revenue, customer segments, customizable fields, and more to organize feedback in a way that aligns with your workflows and business goals.

See the big picture with analytics your team will actually use

Place the right product bets by prioritizing the right feature requests.
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Confidently prioritize what to build next by evaluating CRM data alongside clear user signals. Pin-point quick wins, account-based opportunities, and potential churn risks.
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Stay customer-centric even as you grow

Organize, communicate, and build around your users’ feedback across your entire organization.
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With automatic notifications and built-in communication tools, it’s easy to follow up on requests and let your customers know they’ve been heard.
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Streamline with superior search functionality, AI-driven merge recommendations, and tailored-for-you onboarding.

Better together

Drive consensus and increase productivity by giving your team visibility into the data behind product decisions and empowering them to share valuable feedback in one central location.
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Allow your sales, success, and support teams to capture feedback on behalf of customers directly from any web-based application. No seat limitations.
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Create reports, internal roadmaps, and customized views for each of your cohorts to simplify planning and triaging.
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What our customers are saying

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“I was introduced to UserVoice recently.
My previous experience with similar products like Aha! and Pendo gave me a good sense of this type of product. I have to say that the UserVoice UI is superior. I feel it is more intuitive (both for the customers that leave feedback and the admin panel). And the metrics are insightful too.”

- Verified User, G2

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“The ease of logging ideas and connecting them with existing ideas saves a lot of time when providing customer feedback on a product. I've used Aha! before and I liked that too, but I find myself using UserVoice so much more because of how simple and quick it is to log feedback.”

- Verified User, G2

Switching is easy

Are you currently an Aha customer? UserVoice will work with you every step of the way to migrate your feedback data and integrates with the tools you already love.
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And more
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Customer feedback for everybody

Every team member benefits from a greater understanding of customer needs. That is why UserVoice doesn’t charge per seat. With upfront and predictable pricing options, you can add as many team members as you’d like, and as your organization grows, we’ll grow with you.
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"Excellent tool to receive and categorize customer and end-user feedback. It offers an intuitive and excellent user interface, various insights into collected feedback, and reports for executives. It helps define our product roadmap and is a great tool to collaborate among multiple stakeholders on user feedback, manage votes, and rank based on votes received etc. Overall superb tool."

- Verified User, G2

The feedback platform for high-performing teams

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