Augment your customer feedback with real-time user behavior

UserVoice’s FullStory integration reveals what your customers were doing before, during, and after they left customer feedback.
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Get the full story behind every piece of feedback with UserVoice and FullStory

Unpack customer pain points

Visualize customer pain points that led to feedback by watching what your users did just before and after sharing feedback. No more wondering what your users were experiencing! Our FullStory connector enables you to jump from a user’s idea in UserVoice to their most recent relevant FullStory session replay.

Add context to feedback by uncovering your users’ most common workflows

As your power users share feedback, get a glimpse into their day-to-day workflows to better understand how they use your software to do their jobs. When looking at a user in UserVoice, see a list of their FullStory sessions so you can better understand their job and how they use their software.

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