Results-driven product management

Impress your customers and inspire your team while driving product growth

UserVoice enables enterprise businesses to stay in tune with customer needs, make informed product decisions, and deliver solutions to real problems.

Value for the whole organization

We bring value to the whole organization by increasing the ROI of your development investment, streamlining workflows between teams, and providing visibility to stakeholders.

Forecast product impact with better accuracy

Give your product team the tools they need to truly make an impact with your target segment. Forecast the value of a potential feature to ensure efficient use of development resources and maximize product development ROI.

Improve customer metrics

It’s generally true that retaining customers less costly than acquiring them so it’s crucial to manage and mitigate churn. UserVoice is the only solution that can help you identify product features that precisely address the needs of specific customer segments, like detractors.

Align stakeholders to product strategy

Enable your product team to present not just a roadmap but also the data to justify WHY and how it aligns with business goals. With increased transparency to how decisions were made and solid data to back it up, your team can appease disputes and improve relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.

Drive productivity across the company

Enable your product team to drive efficiencies across customer-facing teams, including Support, Customer Success, and Sales, by automating product feedback processes and improving internal communication channels.

Customer success stories

“The big thing that was missing from feedback that we would get from surveys is priority. The biggest thing that UserVoice gives us is prioritization. UserVoice allows us to understand what customers really care about.”
Mark Silvey
“Using UserVoice we’ve been able to shape our product roadmap based on feedback and are able to make sure that we aren’t wasting developer resources.”
Mark Powell
Product development manager
"We’ll mine UserVoice for the top feedback items that we think are going to help us accomplish our strategic goals. So we use it both to inform planning and to help create the right items to execute a plan.”
Brandon Terry
Vice President of Product