The ease of email. The power of a helpdesk.

Scale your support with our easy-to-use multi-agent ticketing system

Easy as email

With the UserVoice helpdesk, fielding support tickets is as easy as answering email. And end users receive plain email replies—because no one likes being a number in a system.


Keep your team motivated with a little (friendly) competition among agents for most replies, quick replies, and kudos from happy customers.


Instantly know who's on the other end of that ticket. Pulls data from social media, your billing, CRM, and other systems without ever opening another browser tab. Have the context to write a great first response.

Bells and whistles

Not just easier than email. Smarter too.

Scale your support with a contact widget that drives self-service and gives you the context you need.

A simple user experience

It all starts with a simple text input. Users can reach you and get help immediately. No need to go to a customer portal or open an email composer.

Instant answers

Before sending you their message UserVoice will auto-suggest knowledge base articles or feedback from other users to answer their question.

Shown to reduce support requests by up to 49%

Complete contextual awareness

Every message includes all the page, browser, app and user data you need to route and answer the question without a bunch of back and forth.

Custom fields can be filled in by users, agents or silently set

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All the insights you need to stay ahead of the backlog

Scale your support by having the insight to be smarter about how you deploy your team.

At a glance see which agents & custom field values are trending.

Drill in and discover what types of requests are coming in, who's handling them and how well they're staying on top of it all.

See it in action Ticket Insights

Finally know about the requests you aren't getting because you've enabled users to help themselves.

Why even write knowledge base articles? You'll now know which ones are actually doing the heavy lifting and keeping common questions out of your support queue.

See it in action Instant Answers

Are you caught up or falling behind? Know who's been waiting and for how long.

Drill into your backlog by agent or queue (group of agents). Direct links to all the awaiting tickets themselves.

See it in action Ticket Backlog