Truly customer-centric product development

Influence product to nurture and maintain a strong customer relationship

A great customer experience can turn customers into your biggest champions. But how do you make your customers feel heard when you have hundreds, thousands, or even millions of them? UserVoice was purpose-built to help you capture customer feedback and make sure customers’ voices are represented on the product roadmap.

Continuous feedback collection

Easily capture feedback and attribute it to the customer through the support or CRM tools you already use.

All your feedback in one place

No matter where feedback comes from, UserVoice aggregates it into a centralized location so you can easily manage all feedback in one system.

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Streamline workflows between teams

Quickly and easily organize customer feedback so you can get it to the right teams faster.

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Streamline workflows between teams

Validate customer requests with data

Only UserVoice connects feedback to rich customer data so you’ll always know who is asking for what and how often.

Focus on results with canned reports

Tired of manually creating reports from various different systems? UserVoice provides canned reports so you can focus your time on finding and communicating insights.

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Send timely responses

We make it easy to close the customer feedback loop and update your customers on an outstanding request.

Measure your impact

Easily measure customer satisfaction with an NPS survey in-app.

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Streamline workflows between teams
Thomas Dunn

“We’re not building things focused purely on our own assumptions, but we really push for customer validation, so that we make sure anything we build is something that customers actually need and solving an actual problem.”

– Tom Dunn, Customer Development and UX Researcher

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“We’ll mine UserVoice for the top feedback items that we think are going to help us accomplish our strategic goals. So we use it both to inform planning and to help create the right items to execute a plan.”

Brandon Terry Vice President of Product