Your customers are already leaving feedback. Are you listening?

Build impactful products by capturing, organizing, and prioritizing feedback with a system made to scale with you.
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Make customer feedback your most powerful asset

Drive long-term growth and increase retention by leveraging the power of feedback. UserVoice helps you develop loyal customers, deliver value faster, stand out against the competition, and achieve your product's greatest potential by concentrating your efforts on your user's needs.
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Capture and organize feedback at scale

Centralize feedback into a single source of truth to discover themes, understand the impact of an idea, and uncover the “why” behind user demand. UserVoice allows you to capture and organize feedback no matter where it comes from.
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Branded customer feedback portal offers users a place to voice, vote on, and discuss feature ideas.
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Enable users to quickly share feedback from within your mobile or web app with the in-app widget.
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Contributor Sidebar gives customer-facing teams the ability to capture feedback on behalf of customers directly.
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Push status updates and incoming feedback to a dedicated Slack channel for organization-wide visibility.
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Help your customer support team pass along context-rich feedback without interrupting their existing workflows.
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Analyze and prioritize feedback

Quantify the impact of requests by filtering feedback by accounts and market segments, and estimate the ROI of customer requests to prioritize easily.
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Enrich customer feedback with business intelligence by connecting UserVoice to your CRM to evaluate the reach and revenue impact of an idea.
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Easily sync your UserVoice data to the data warehouse of your choice with our open API, Fivetran, and Stitch integrations to add more context to your feedback with user and account traits data.
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Act on insights

Align your team on top customer priorities and rapidly make decisions about what to execute next by backing customer feedback with quantitative data. Putting user feedback at the forefront of your strategic planning drives efficiency, and generates buy-in within an organization.
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Stay in sync by sharing what features you’re considering, building, and have released on the internal product roadmap
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Give your team and stakeholders visibility into the data behind your decisions with Shared Views
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Close the feedback loop

Let your users know you are actively listening as their feedback moves through the product development cycle. With UserVoice, easily acknowledge the feedback you receive to foster customer relationships and deliver a better product experience.
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Status updates eliminate the feedback blackhole by giving users a quick update on their ideas within UserVoice or with an automated email.
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Outreach campaigns help you get more granular feedback about a specific idea

What our customers are saying

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“Being part of a customer-facing team, it's great to have a central place where we can submit ideas that came through during calls without having to bother someone directly with minor (or major) feedback. We have a pulse on what everyone is saying, and I particularly enjoy the upvoting feature as it saves me a bunch of time.”

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“Excellent tool for receiving and categorizing customer and end-user feedback. It offers an intuitive and excellent user interface, various insights into collected feedback, and reports for executives. It helps define product roadmap and features and is a great tool to collaborate among multiple stakeholders on user feedback, manage votes, and stake rank based on votes received.”

- Verified User, G2

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“Perfect for all your Customer Facing teams! UserVoice has a Zendesk widget that allows support specialists to quickly share feedback from companies and communicate it directly with the product teams. When this feedback is shared, it can be added to a broader concept, allowing product to view the ideas with the strongest commentary.”

- Verified User, G2

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