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Prioritize initiatives and align on product strategy with customizable roadmaps

Organize customer feedback and team initiatives into tailored, sharable action plans.

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Trusted by forward-thinking product teams

Facilitate communication and drive alignment

From discovery to delivery, keep teams motivated and in sync with roadmaps that roll up to a unified product strategy. 
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Customize roadmaps to suit stakeholders' needs

Present a high-level view of objectives or drill down into the details to promote buy-in with different stakeholder audiences.
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Better visualize dependencies

Successfully navigate cross-functional projects by identifying dependencies and organizing milestones by team.

Bring your product vision to life with customer-centric roadmaps

Everything you need to prioritize feature requests and bring a data-informed approach to your roadmaps.
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Gather feedback at scale

Centralize feedback into a single source of truth to assess impact and discover emerging themes and trends.
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Offer customers a place to share, discuss, and vote on feature ideas with the Customer Feedback Portal.
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Enable users to provide feedback from within your web app with the In-App Widget.
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Empower customer-facing teams to capture feedback on behalf of customers with the Contributor Sidebar.
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Keep customers and team members in the loop by pushing internal and external status notifications.
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Prioritize the right features to build next

Balance customer-focused features with business objectives for optimal growth and retention.
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Confidently prioritize what to build next by evaluating revenue and reach metrics alongside clear user signals like votes and importance ratings.
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Use advanced segmentation to filter and analyze feedback by account status, market segment, industry, and more for granular insights.
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Leverage custom idea fields and labels to connect feedback to important business information and set your own impact and effort scoring.
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Create reports and customized views for each team cohort to simplify planning and triaging.
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Align teams around your product roadmap

Collaborate on your product roadmap to reduce inefficiencies and accelerate execution.
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Link customer ideas and feedback requests directly within your roadmap to give your team and stakeholders visibility into the data behind your decisions.
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Switch between a bird’s-eye view of what’s happening across your whole organization or filter by specific roadmap or product area.
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Use customizable status updates to monitor progress and notify your team of any changes.
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Easily share the right roadmap with the right audience via a URL link or email.
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“Using UserVoice we’ve been able to shape our product roadmap based on feedback and are able to make sure that we aren’t wasting developer resources.”

Mark Powell, Product Development Manager | Muddy Boots

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