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John Long
UX Designer

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Engage Early Engage Often

rather than waiting for customers to come to you

Increase engagement 34x with UserVoice


Save Time Improve Service

with customer snapshot right in the ticket queue

Save 1.5 minutes per ticket


Reduce Support Requests

by helping customers to help themselves instantly

49% reduction in tickets


Rescue At-risk Users Identify Promoters

by tying in-app ratings to product, support & ROI


Deploy Informed Products.

with insights backed by statistically significant data

p-Value <0.05

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With an in-app experience your users will love…

Users don’t want a portal or an email. They want answers. And quick.
You want them to stay in your app. We’ve got you both covered.

In your mobile app

You, and your users, deserve better than a mail link. Our native mobile SDKs are just the antidote. Install time measured in minutes.

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If you can copy-paste, you can install our easy-to-use but deceptively powerful widgets. Even with extensive customization you’ll be off and running in minutes.

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We’ve been making our customers (and their users) happy in over 43 languages.


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