How Muddy Boots Software maximizes developer resources by making data-driven product decisions

Muddy Boots was established in 1996, initially developing crop recording software, and has been producing food supply chain software since 2001, providing the farm and food industry with quality control, sustainability, food safety, and supply chain transparency solutions. Today, the company’s Greenlight suite consists of 4 core products, one of which is Greenlight Grower Management.

Since its launch in 2014, the product’s user base has grown rapidly, and the Greenlight Grower Management team has successfully scaled its product development practices to keep up with the needs of its users. UserVoice has played a key role in helping the team engage with and understand their growing user base and make data-driven decisions about what to build. As a result, the team knows it is allocating resources to the right features; giving customers the tools they need to succeed.

Download this case study to learn how Muddy Boots software leverages UserVoice to:

  • Develop and implement scalable process for managing direct and indirect product feedback
  • Make data-driven prioritization decisions to build an informed product roadmap
  • Improve customer engagement and satisfaction and drive retention by communicating better with customers

“We’ve calculated the cost of one of our sprints at ~$20,000. Just in the limited time that we’ve been using UserVoice we’ve been able to shape our product roadmap based on feedback and are able to make sure that we aren’t wasting developer resources.”

Mark Powell Product Development Manager

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