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UserVoice Launches UserVoice Validation, a Radically Simple Way for Product Teams to Conduct Meaningful Research

Introducing UserVoice Validation

UserVoice, the pioneering provider of product feedback management software for growing SaaS businesses, recently announced the launch of UserVoice Validation, a product research tool that brings actionable user insights to the forefront of roadmap strategy. From testing ideas under consideration to ensuring customer satisfaction with released functionality, UserVoice Validation empowers teams to gather rapid user feedback throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Software development is becoming increasingly costly. Annual expenses for software publishers in the US exceeded 237 billion dollars in 2020 alone. Validating products early and often with end-users can help mitigate risk-associated costs, align expectations with delivery, and accelerate market fit. Yet, traditional pathways for conducting product research are difficult to scale and often require large investments of time and money. With UserVoice Validation, companies of all sizes can embrace continuous product research as a best practice.  

“Adoption and retention are top priorities for any business. We set out to create an accessible solution that demystifies the research process and quickly surfaces strong user signals to help product teams drive better outcomes,” said Matt Young, CEO of UserVoice. “Now businesses can identify at each stage of the development process if they need to reprioritize features or further evolve their products to meet customer needs.

Through guided microsurveys designed to engage but not overwhelm end-users, product managers can ask for targeted feedback on features they are considering, building, or released to ensure they are hitting the mark. “Our team spent countless hours researching the right questions to ask at the right time and pouring over every detail to create an engaging experience that puts a high value on participation,” said Young. “What we built is a departure from typical surveys.” 

Once complete, the survey results are distilled into easy-to-digest quantitative and qualitative metrics. Key takeaways are summarized at the top, making it easy for product teams to apply a data-driven mindset and lean into actual findings versus needing to rely on assumptions.

In turn, end-users get to see what’s next on the product roadmap and take part in the development process. “UserVoice was built on the principle that customer feedback matters and can be a powerful source for inspiration. This product takes that belief and pushes it a step further by inviting users to be active participants,”  said Richard White, Founder of UserVoice and current Founder/CEO of Fathom. “It raises the bar on how feedback can be used and applied.”

To learn more about UserVoice Validation and take it for a free test drive, visit:

Building a Product Validation Process

Building a Product Validation Process

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About UserVoice

UserVoice started the product feedback revolution in 2006, by developing the first centralized product solution for effectively gathering, aggregating, analyzing, and following through on feedback from customers and internal teams. Today, UserVoice has helped thousands of companies including some of the world’s leading software enterprises transform the way they connect with customers through the power of feedback.

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