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UserVoice Customer Conversation Series

As Product Managers, we’re eager to learn, progress in our craft, and stay up-to-date on the latest trends. At UserVoice, we’ve long valued the experiences of users. So much, that we created a podcast to capture just that — UserVoice Customer Conversation series highlights our users’ stories, from their enormous wins to challenging setbacks, and explores what it truly means to be a Product Manager. 

This podcast showcases the people behind the product and illustrates the real passion product people share for both their products and their users. UserVoice Customer Conversation series is relatable, insightful, and will leave you with actionable advice to help better your product feedback program. 

In episode one, we chat with Casey Harris of FRONTSTEPS and explore all facets of product management and dig into how they incorporate UserVoice into their feedback program. FRONTSTEPS is an integrated SaaS platform passionate about powering safe, informed, and efficient communities. Through integrated security solutions, instant access to a streamlined community resource hub, and management tasks simplified in one place. 

Julia Dormody

Content Marketing Manager