UserVoice Updates

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New Metrics Help You Gain Deeper Insights

We’ve recently added two new time-oriented metrics to provide another layer of context to the feedback you receive. These metrics help give a more complete picture so you can avoid costly mistakes with your roadmap by making sure you take the most current customer sentiment into consideration.The first new data point we’ve added shows the average number of customer activity, which includes any new supporters or comments, over the lifetime of a suggestion. Next to it you’ll see a new spark line which offers a quick visualization of how often that suggestion has received new activity. To the right of the line, you’ll see the next new data point, which displays how much new activity a suggestion has received in the past 30 days. When you click a suggestion, you’ll see a detailed view of the spark line. By hovering over it, you’ll be able to see exactly how much activity that suggestion received by week:

Both of these new metrics allow you to quickly assess whether a suggestion has maintained its popularity or if activity for it has slowed down and plateaued. If a suggestion hasn’t seen activity for a while, you can dig deeper to figure out why.Did you recently release a different feature that possibly solved that problem? Did activity for that suggestion spike around a certain time that may have caused an issue? By being able to view the history of a suggestion’s activity at a glance, you now have the data to see if certain feature requests are still relevant and make product decisions accordingly.We’ll be rolling out these new metrics to customers’ dashboards later this month. Check out our Knowledge Base to learn more. We love hearing from you so please let us know what you think!