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Get the Full Story Behind Every Ticket with our New FullStory Integration

Knowledge is power...especially when it’s about your customers.Here at UserVoice, we believe that that the future of business is data-driven. We also believe that business success is determined largely by the effectiveness of product and support, today’s so-called kings of customer retention; and the more these teams know about customers, the better situated they are to provide superb customer service and excellent products. It turns out the smart folks over at FullStory have similar beliefs, and we’re excited to announce their new integration with UserVoice.FullStory is a detailed customer insight tool that records customer sessions on your site, allowing you to see how your users interact with your product--much like a “DVR for your website.” The new integration will pull your users’ FullStory data into UserVoice and link it to their customer support tickets, providing you with valuable, time-saving insight such as what browser version a user is running or what page they were on when they encountered an issue.

Uservoice FullStory Integration

The FullStory integration will give your team another layer of data to work with, providing your customer support team with visuals of customer issues that will make it easier to pinpoint pain points and spot & squash bugs. Meanwhile, the ability to replay user sessions will help support more efficiently share customer feedback with product.The best part? It’s super easy to set up your UserVoice account to pull links to FullStory sessions into your tickets; just adjust a few settings and drop in a couple lines of code and you’re ready to go. Find out how here. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you have any questions or feedback. [divider] [/divider]Photo courtesy of Florin Gorgan.

Heather McCloskey