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Introducing Outreach: Get Granular Feedback When you Need it

Earlier this month, we released Outreach– a powerful new feature that enables product teams to ask questions and collect additional information on an idea or piece of feedback directly from UserVoice’s Web Portal. 

Oftentimes, customers share feedback that requires more digging to fully understand. As a product manager, you may want more context around a particular use case scenario, or you have a solution in mind, but would like to run the prototype by customers to ensure you’re on the right track. Such touch points typically involve individually reaching out to customers to solicit more feedback and manually inputting responses—a process that is impossible to scale. 

Proactively Invite Feedback from Customers

With Outreach, product managers can quickly email customers follow-up questions about an idea without having to leave UserVoice. The responses are automatically linked to the idea, providing a centralized view of all of the feedback received. 

Do Customers Need to be Subscribed to the Idea or Have an Existing Feedback Account?

No. Outreach provides a channel for obtaining high-quality feedback from any of your end-users including those who may be new to a feedback program. Simply type in the email addresses of the customers you would like to gather more feedback from, or copy and paste in your email list.

Armed with more insights from a select or varied cohort of users, you can then determine which ideas merit further conversations, need to be prioritized, or would benefit from more research.

How Does it Work?

In this video, Jared Shaffer, Product Manager here at UserVoice, provides an overview of Outreach and shows how easy it is to set up your first campaign.

Building a Product Validation Process

Building a Product Validation Process

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At UserVoice, we’re obsessed with bringing customer feedback to the forefront of product development.

Ready to give your customers a direct line to share more targeted feedback? Try Outreach today as part of our free trial experience or contact one of our product experts for a personalized demo.

Eileen Stack

Director of Marketing