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Introducing UserVoice 3.0: Data-Driven Product Decisions Have Never Been Easier

We’re excited to announce the launch of UserVoice 3.0, a whole new suite of tools to help product managers better understand their customers and make data-driven product decisions like never before.At UserVoice, we’re in the business of listening to customers and ensuring their happiness, and we practice what we preach when it comes to building our own product. We strive to delight product managers, like yourself, and help them build better products. Our new features provide relevant, actionable data so you can make informed decisions on prioritizing customer preferences in your roadmap.

Use Comparison Tests to Make Product Decisions with SmartVote™

Our stand-out feature in this release, SmartVote™, helps build consensus within your organization by eliminating ambiguity over the direction of your product roadmap. SmartVote™ gathers statistically significant data related to customer demand, revenue, and return on investment through a single question survey designed to engage even the most casual of users (so you’ll have data points beyond your most vocal customers). The end result is a list of product ideas, both internal and external, prioritized by their impact to your business. We’re striving to help you make the decisions around what makes it into your roadmap and have the data to answer why.

SmartVote for A/B Testing Feature Ideas

Advanced Trend Reporting

Advanced Trend Reporting displays the change in velocity of user support at a glance so you can quickly identify hot or trending ideas. You’ll be able to see whether user desire for an idea is increasing more quickly or slowly and evaluate whether certain ideas and user concerns remain relevant over time. This, in addition to SmartVote™, gives you even more information to help you prioritize ideas and lets you know whether those ideas are worth building or the demand is no longer urgent. Since these reports show user opinion over a given time, you can also use these reports to close the loop after launch and determine if product changes made a positive impact after release.


Personalized Views and Notifications

Personalized Views and Notifications allows you to save specific filters and gives you one-click access to the information most relevant to you. This is especially helpful for members of bigger teams who want to just access issues and feedback around their own product. You can now save any custom view you create so it’s easier than ever to stay on top of your product.


Finally, all these features come in a slick new UI. The new design provides a great experience and improved performance. Just how much better is performance, you ask? Common activities, like browsing your list of suggestions, just got more than 2x faster with our new UI and API.We hope you’re as excited as we are about our new features that are advancing data-driven product management. UserVoice 3.0 starts at $499/month. See detailed pricing here.To request this upgrade, talk to your account manager. Don't have one? No problem, email us at