There’s a better way to gather and make sense of product feedback.

UserVoice collects and organizes feedback from multiple sources to provide a clear, actionable view of user feedback. Take the guesswork out of product development and adapt quicker to your users’ needs.

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Chaotic process surrounding product manager for collecting and managing feedback.
Centralized and organized repository of aggregated feedback for all teams.
Collage consisting of feedback widget, suggestions screenshot, and roadmap screenshot.

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Feedback Collection: Support & Success, Sales Team, Customers, Executives

Don’t spend time cobbling together point solutions when you can get a single, hosted solution that covers feedback across entire product development process from ideation to roadmapping to launch.

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“We’ll mine UserVoice for the top feedback items that we think are going to help us accomplish our strategic goals. So we use it both to inform planning and to help create the right items to execute a plan.”

Brandon Terry Vice President of Product

“UserVoice has saved us hundreds of person-hours by better managing our feedback and helping us make strategic product decisions.”

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“The big thing that was missing from feedback that we would get from surveys is priority. The biggest thing that UserVoice gives us is prioritization. UserVoice allows us to understand what customers really care about.”

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Product Manager

Easily gather, track, and quantify product feedback to prioritize your product roadmap

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Product Executive

Inspire your team to be customer-centric while driving product growth

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Feedback Manager

Champion the customer with an efficient customer feedback process for your product team

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