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How well is your customer feedback program performing?

I think it’s safe to assume the majority of product teams agree that customer feedback is a critical input for making customer-centric product decisions. However, capturing and managing feedback effectively is a task often fraught with many questions. What exactly does a healthy customer feedback program look like? And how can you quantitatively measure and track the performance of your feedback program to ensure it is improving over time?UserVoice Chief Customer Officer, Aaron Lapierre, shares some insight into these questions and explains how we ensure we’re continuously improving our own customer feedback program at UserVoice below.

Want to talk about your customer feedback program?

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot at UserVoice about the do’s and don’ts of customer feedback programs and our feedback experts here are always willing to help folks like you improve their feedback programs and better live up to their commitments to customer centricity. Sound like something you’d like help with? Give us a shout!

Heather McCloskey