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New in UserVoice: Feedback Management Tools for your Front-Line

Customer-centricity is a team sport. Every functional area and individual in your organization plays its own role in living up to your company’s commitment to customer-centricity. For product folks, it’s understanding customer needs and making decisions that help solve for those needs. For customer-facing roles, it’s helping customers succeed by becoming a trusted advisor to them and advocating for them.As is the case with any team sport, the team plays better when they work together. But sometimes, coordinating effective plays between product and customer-facing teams is a process fraught with frustration.Without a mechanism for capturing feedback from customer-facing teams, the product team is tasked with manually aggregating and making sense of incoming feedback, and they don’t always have an easy way to follow up. Meanwhile, customer-facing teams want to know what’s become of their feedback so they can have informed conversations with customers.At UserVoice, we believe customer-centricity shouldn’t be so hard. Today we’re excited to unveil new functionality that will help your whole organization excel at the game of customer-centricity together.

Introducing UserVoice Contributor Console

UserVoice’s Contributor Console functions as a dedicated feedback hub for customer-facing team members, and improves the product feedback process for everyone involved.

Customer-Facing Teams: Meet your New Home for Feedback

Log in to Contributor Console and you'll be able to:

  • Easily share feedback from yourself or on behalf of customers.
  • View all of your feedback (and its status!)
  • See your company's product roadmap
  • and more!

You'll love how much easier Contributor Console makes it for you to:

  • Be an internal champion for your customers and help the product team make customer-informed decisions by capturing actionable feedback. UserVoice Contributor Console captures not just the “what,” but the “who” and “when” behind every piece of feedback.
  • Delight your customers with proactive updates to their product requests. Contributor console gives you an always up-to-date look at what the product team is working on, and the status of customer requests, making it an indispensable tool for customer calls.

Product Teams: Empower your Feedback Front-Lines

  • Supercharge your customer research efforts by providing an additional channel for your internal teams to share feedback. Feedback is automatically enriched with contextual data and aggregated in UserVoice. No more feedback spreadsheets or Slack messages to sort through manually. (But if your team still wants to share feedback in Slack, we’ve got you covered.)
  • Eliminate the feedback black hole and arm customer-facing teams with information they need to capitalize on a “feedback win.” Easily update them on the status of feedback they submitted and empower them to help drive adoption of new releases. Keep your internal roadmap front-and-center so that customer-facing teams know the bigger plan as well.

Ready to try it out? Learn more about Contributor Console in our getting started guide.P.S. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback! Let us know what you think.

Matt Young