Increase your interaction with customers

with SmartVote

SmartVote™ lets users prioritize which ideas are hot and which ideas are not and lets you get to statistically significant outcomes.

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Hook your users

34x more users engage through SmartVote™ than traditional voting forums.

Dig deeper and weigh in

The full idea is displayed before the user casts their vote.

Keep users up to date

Let users subscribe to ideas they care about and receieve email notifications as those ideas progress.

Keep users in your app

In-app prompts provide a higher response rate than traditional email surveys and allow you to quantify the ROI of great support.

Capture user sentiment within your app

with Satisfaction Ratings

Satisfaction Ratings allow you to easily track trends and correlate positive or negative responses with specific areas of product improvement.

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Reduce Support Requests

with Instant Answers

Instant Answers™ reduce support tickets by auto- suggesting relevant articles from your knowledge base and ideas from your feedback forum as users type up related support requests or ideas.

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It starts with a simple input field

Experience an 18% improvement over our established 40% instant answers success rate with a new linear flow.

Relevant answers help reduce your support load

Here at UserVoice, we’ve already seen an 18% improvement on top of our established 40% Instant Answers success rate.

Complete Support

Don’t worry. If a user’s issue remains unresolved, they still have a convenient way of requesting support.

Segment and drill down on specific user traits

with Analytics

Underneath Touchpoint Toolkit is a simple yet powerful JavaScript SDK for passing user information that helps you get to actionable insight.

A message from our founder

At the inaugural UserVoice Summit, CEO Richard White offered insight into the genesis of Touchpoint Toolkit as well as a deep dive into the product. Check out the highlights.