PII and Cookies

Names, emails, and IP addresses are the only personally identifiable information (PII) stored in the UserVoice database.

Cookies are required for normal operation of UserVoice; however, no PII is stored in any of the cookies that UserVoice uses:

Cookie Name Expiration Description
__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz, __utmvvariesUsed by Google Analytics.
_uvsidend of sessionUsed to track whether you‘re logged in or not. See below for more info.
_uservoice_tz90 daysYour time zone.
uvts1 yearUsed to track user usage analytics.
_rfend of sessionUsed to determine if your information is up to date. It‘s usually just a number like 0 or 1.
auth_token1 yearUsed for “remember me” functionality to keep you logged in between sessions (i.e. closing and reopening your browser). Only appears if you log in and click the “Keep me logged in” link, or if you vote anonymously.


The _uvsid is something that all apps use in order to determine if you‘re logged in and authorized to do logged-in actions. All apps that require authentication use some version of it. That‘s the reason for those "you have to enable cookies in order to use this site" sort of warnings. If you were to delete it you would be logged out. If you log back in, we put it back with another securely random number.