Product Prioritization

Prioritize your product roadmap based on rich customer feedback

Prioritize features for your roadmap

Smarter roadmap prioritization

Strengthen your understanding of customer needs and better evaluate the potential impact of product features with the ability to segment product feedback. Easily analyze, compare, and test product ideas with UserVoice’s advanced analytics tools.

Take the emotion out of roadmap decisions

Compare potential features using traits like customer spend, NPS, or your own segmentation metrics, and keep your planning and roadmap meetings focused on real data.

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Support roadmap decisions with data
Product feedback enriched with customer data

Quantify product feedback like never before

Enrich your product feedback with the user traits you need to make business decisions. Have the ability to segment feedback by user type, plan, revenue, satisfaction score, and more. Quickly access data in canned reports or export for the ability to do analysis in tools you’re already using.

See trends in feedback data

Quickly identify trending feature ideas

Understand the urgency and significance of product requests and see what’s gaining popularity and what’s no longer relevant.

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A/B test product ideas

Compare and test product ideas

A/B test product ideas with in-app polls to see what features your users want to see most and get instant, ranked results.

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Ensure customer satisfaction

Improve customer retention and happiness

Understand what your promoters and detractors want from your product so you can improve customer retention and keep customer churn at bay.

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