UserVoice functionality in a native mobile experience

Install UserVoice SDKs in minutes and free up developers’ time to focus on what really matters.

Mobile done right

We know it’s a mobile-first world. That’s why we support all mobile platforms. Our portal is mobile web-optimized and for a native experience, we have iOS and Android SDKs to ensure your users get the best experience.

Seamless product feedback experience

Control how you prompt for feedback in your mobile environment. Give users a seamless experience whether they leave you feedback through a widget or directly in a forum.

Know what’s important without all the leg work

Know what’s important without all the leg work

Don’t respond to the same feedback over and over. Our unique way of collecting feedback means your users will do the hard work of identifying and voting up the feedback you should be paying attention to.

Complete customization

Don’t want feedback forums? No problem. Want to skip the portal page and link directly to the contact form? Can do. Design controls and multi-language support? Check. Want to go further? Fork our GitHub repo and customize to your heart’s content.

UserVoice for iOS with just a couple lines of code

UVConfig *config = [UVConfig configWithSite:@""];
  [UserVoice initialize:config];
  [UserVoice presentUserVoiceInterfaceForParentViewController:self];

Not ready to go native?

Don’t fret. Your UserVoice web portal and any widgets embedded on your site are already designed to work flawlessly on mobile browsers. No assembly required.