Close the customer feedback loop

Two way customer feedback

Let your users know you’re listening

Drive engagement and encourage users to champion new features by keeping them updated on the status of their requests.

Your users are a valuable resource

Communication with your users is key. We provide the tools to communicate with your users so you can learn more about what they want out of your product. Tap into their collective wisdom and get more context about pain points to help you decide which features make the most sense for your roadmap.

Automatically update your users

With UserVoice, you can automatically update supporters of an idea as it moves through different product development stages - from discovery to planning to development and even launch.

Run better beta tests

Solicit beta feedback with targeted messages during testing. Engage users to provide ongoing feedback so you can deliver a polished product.

Drive new feature adoption

Don’t let new features get lost - keep the most interested folks in the loop as you roll out new capabilities.

See how Buffer engages their users to build new features. View Case Study