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The entry-level toolset for small product management teams


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Advanced capabilities designed for growing teams and multiple products

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Data-Driven Product Decisions Have Never Been Easier

  • Collect meaningful user feedback
  • Prioritize your roadmap using in-depth analytics
  • Ensure successful product launches
UserVoice Pricing Basic Enterprise
Billed Annually $499/mo Custom
Setup Cost $0 Custom
Products 1 1+
Admins 3 3+
End Users 10,000 10,000+
Feedback Prioritization
SmartVote Implement single-question surveys to test and prioritize product ideas
User Traits Identify users and pass along traits for more contextual insights when drilling into customer feedback
Idea Labels Manage and organize internal workflows by labeling suggestions
Idea Categories Organize similar ideas into your own categories
Supporter Communication
Idea Status Messages Update your users to let them know the status of their ideas
Private Subscriber Updates Send private email blasts to subscribers of an idea
Reporting & Analytics
Suite of Standard Reports Reporting dashboard and analytics for insights into your users, suggested ideas, and more
Activity Digest Emails Get a summary of recent activity straight to your inbox
Advanced Trend Reports Determine the urgency around ideas with visual reports
Feedback Collection
Stand-Alone Portal Provide a central destination for users to share ideas and feedback
In-App Widget Collect feedback from users while they're experiencing your product, straight from your application
UserVoice for Mobile Let users submit ideas and feedback without ever leaving your iOS or Android apps (Mobile SDK)
Platform Management
Custom Look & Feel
Idea & Comment Moderation
Personalized Views and Notifications
Custom Terms of Service
Multi-Language Support
Private Forums Create private forums only accessible to users you authenticate
Identity Management
SSO via Encrypted Tokens Learn more
SSO via SAML Learn more
SSO via Active Directory Learn more
Data Management
Data Import
Data Export
Usage Limits (per month)
API Calls 40,000 40,000+
Widget Impressions Combination of JavaScript and Mobile SDK impressions 2,000,000 2,000,000+
Portal Pageviews 40,000 40,000+

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