Basis | San Francisco | 08.17.2017

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A conference for data-driven product teams & leaders

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What is BASiS?

Ba·sis / ‘bāses /

the justification for or reasoning behind something.

We at UserVoice believe data should be the basis for product decisions. So we wanted to host a product management conference to showcase cutting-edge product management methodologies, processes, and technologies all rooted in data.

BASiS is different from other product management events in that it’s focused on how data can truly transform product management. Product management has always been a combination of art and science. Product people are continuously observing, measuring, testing, and iterating their hypotheses. We want to give product teams the tools and knowledge to tap into their inner scientist.

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What to expect from BASiS 2017

Learn about where product management is going and which trends product managers can anticipate affecting their teams, processes, or goals in the coming months and years.

Growing a powerful product team

There’s plenty of debate around who should be your first product hires, but what about the best techniques to scale the process of developing product strategy? Learn how to scale decision-making from a single product owner to many, and get the most from your new team.

Gathering and effectively analyzing behavioral data

Customers have a lot of ways of telling you what they want, and quantitative data can seem like the most straight-forward way to capture it. But are you asking the right questions and interpreting the data correctly? We’ll dig into how different companies use behavioral data and ways to work with a dedicated data team, and the kinds of high-impact customer data you may be missing out on right now.

Making your customer-facing teams a source of insight, not noise

They’re on the front lines of your product, and are not shy about sharing what they’ve heard from the people who use it daily. Hear about the best ways to channel the feedback from customer-facing teams - sales, support, and success - into clear, actionable suggestions for the product team.

Making sense of qualitative feedback

Qualitative feedback is an incredible resource for a product manager, but developing a sustainable pipeline and making analytical sense of responses can be daunting. Learn how to break down multiple methods for regularly gathering qualitative data and doing enough analysis to find insights without becoming overwhelmed.

Putting it all together to make data-informed product decisions

Once you get the all of the data pieces in place, what’s next? Our expert speakers have created their own models of qualitative and behavioral data to drive their roadmap so decisions are data-informed, not just instinctual.

Getting the best ROI on your most expensive resources

Engineering hours are more expensive than ever, so avoid sending them on wild goose chases or tumbling down rabbit holes. Giving engineers the data-backed confidence that what they’re working on will move the needle will help with their motivation, retention, and of course, needle-moving results.

Turning down the loudest voices in the room - and turning up the quieter ones

One reason PMs may avoid seriously looking at customer feedback is because they believe only the most hard-to-please customers ever chime in. How do you turn down the noise from squeaky wheels, and amplify the product insights from neutral or satisfied customers? BASiS will give you valuable insight on the importance of weighing customer feedback effectively.

The Venue

The Village

969 Market Street, San Francisco CA, 94103

Hosted by UserVoice

We’ve seen how data has influenced and changed other disciplines, like marketing and sales, and we absolutely believe this movement is happening in product management. We develop product management software that transforms the way businesses prioritize feature requests to drive strategic product decisions. We help product teams capture feedback from customers and internal teams and enrich it with relevant and meaningful customer data so product managers can make the best decisions on what to build next.

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