Since 2008, London-based Swiftkey has developed an award-winning keyboard app for Android smartphones and tablets that provides accurate predictions as users type, making typing quick and easy. By reading users’ Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, RSS feeds, as well as the text they type on their Android devices, Swiftkey learns how users “talk” and then offers more accurate auto-corrections and next-word predictions.

“We looked at several products, but UserVoice’s feedback and support tools looked exactly like what we needed.”

Joe Braidwood, Swiftkey


Since launching, Swiftkey apps have been among the most popular global apps for Android, but the company has a broad and varied customer base and has struggled to determine what’s most important to users, especially since the most vocal customers don’t often represent the full population. Joe Braidwood, chief marketing officer, quickly recognized that Swiftkey needed a better way to let customers share their feedback so that the company could target the issues that mattered most to the majority of users.

“We needed an open, collaborative environment to gather insights from our customers,” said Joe. At the time, Swiftkey used TenderApp, but Joe knew it wasn’t giving the company what it needed.

“TenderApp’s process is too complicated for us and our customers,” he said. So Braidwood began looking at alternatives, including UserVoice. “We looked at several products, but UserVoice’s feedback and support tools looked exactly like what we needed,” Joe added.


After making the switch to UserVoice, Swiftkey soon found the feedback forums provided a great way to communicate with their customers and show them the company is listening and making progress. UserVoice forums also helped shape Swiftkey’s product roadmap and have influenced how the company decides to prioritize product decisions. In fact, to date Swiftkey has completed more than 800 ideas submitted by users via UserVoice’s feedback platform.

“I’m a big fan of UserVoice’s feedback forum. I love that we can limit the amount of votes people have so they only vote on what is most important to them. It helps us understand what matters to our customers,” said Dr. Charlie Edmunds, Swiftkey’s head of business intelligence and customer insight.


UserVoice has enabled Swiftkey to tap into its broad customer base, gain a deeper understanding of what customers want, and more easily prioritize features. UserVoice has also helped Swiftkey to respond quickly and efficiently to customers through a simplified, centralized platform.

Thanks to Braidwood’s decision to adopt UserVoice, Swiftkey has also been able to use its knowledge base and Instant Answers search-as-you-type technology to reduce the number of support requests the company receives. Instant Answers automatically pulls matching articles from Swiftkey’s knowledge base and sticks them in the contact form as customers type. When customers get an immediate answer, Swiftkey has one less ticket to answer. In fact, Instant Answers has reduced the number of support requests Swiftkey receives by 5% per month.

“Knowledge Base makes our life easier because people can see the answer right there,” said Dr. Edmunds. “We add new articles to the knowledge base every week so users can find help faster. The goal is to help customers help themselves, so we make Knowledge Base a priority.”