Common Questions

We have over _____ pageviews a month. Can we install your widget on our site?

Yes. See the previous section on assets/widget performance. Your traffic will likely be a drop in the ocean for us but if you're expecting over 100MM pageviews per month we'd love to chat with you before you go live. Also, if you expect more than 5MM widget embed impressions per month you should check our Fair Usage Limits.

Do you have a have a rigorous screening process for your employees that includes credit checks, background checks, reference checks and cavity searches?

No. We will often check references, we will always verify that local standard for proof of eligibility to work, and we‘ll make sure that potential team members fit our company values, but we will do little beyond that. We also have every employee sign a confidentiality agreement before he or she can work for us. We also do performance and peer reviews twice a year and retrospectives after any critical issue. If someone is not meeting our own performance standard, including being the root or contributing cause of a critical issue(s), we will not hesitate to terminate our working relationship with that person.

Do your employees have to sign confidentiality agreements?

Yes, each and every employee.

Do you have a _____ ethics policy?

No. We‘re guided by our company values and good old common sense. We believe that policies around ethics lead to less ethical behavior.

Would you be opposed to us performing penetration testing on your network/systems?

No, but we‘d prefer you tell us first. Not because we‘ll do anything different but so we‘re not surprised by the slew of bad requests (and the notifications that will go with them) that come from such testing. More importantly, by telling us that you‘ll be testing we can make sure you‘re not mistaken for a spammer and blocked.

How can I report security issues?

Please get in touch with our engineers at to responsibly disclose security vulnerabilities or concerns you have.

Phew! Wow, we can‘t believe you‘re still awake. Kudos to you! If you do have additional questions, please contact us and we‘ll help you out.