Support Tools

Customer support tools designed for customers

Ticketing and customer support tools

Personalized customer support tools for new products

Rapidly identify product pain points to quickly resolve customer issues.

Easy as email

When you’re selecting your first customer support tool you want something familiar and simple - UserVoice’s look and feel is intuitive from the first login.

Personal relationships, not ID numbers

Identify users by email addresses rather than long ID numbers and avoid a complex, impersonal ticketing system.

Humane canned responses

Don’t sweat the small stuff - tackle common issues quickly and efficiently with easy-to-execute email templates

One stop for all your support content

Feature content from your support team, whether it’s an FAQ or a “Getting Started” section for onboarding.

Reduce support ticket volume

Our Knowledge Base actively helps you reduce tickets by serving up relevant content. Instant Answers™ helps customers find exactly what they are looking for and is proven to reduce ticket volume.