Management & Moderation

Keep product feedback organized to better discover insights

Use product feedback data to make decisions

Spend time building your product, not feedback management tools

All the tools you need to make collecting, analyzing, and acting on large quantities of feedback easy.

Make sense of raw data with categories and labels

We understand every product team has a unique process for organizing their work. That’s why we enable you to create your own categories and labels so you can tag each piece of feedback by product, team, or however you need it.

Custom labels to support your workflow
Users can report spam and moderate

Depend on the collective wisdom of your users

Enable users to moderate ideas, keep requests organized, and even mark undesirable content on your behalf.

Keep feedback data clean with just a few clicks

Have hundreds of incoming product requests? Easily batch edit multiple pieces of feedback at once so you can stay organized and get to insights faster.

Batch edit and bulk delete items
Create and save custom filters

Look past the noise and see what’s relevant to you

Focus on the feedback that’s valuable to you by creating filters to customize views and reports for just the data you want to see.

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