Feedback Collection

Everything you need to capture actionable product feedback

Product feedback from customers

Capture feedback from customers, no matter where they are

Make it easy for your users to share product feedback while capturing their input in a format that’s useful for you. UserVoice captures feedback through multiple channels and routes it back to a single, comprehensive database.

Gather feedback directly from your users

In app widget


Engage users within the native experience of your product to capture their best ideas without interrupting their experience.

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Stand alone portal


Give product feedback a dedicated space where users can add their voice to existing ideas and create their own suggestions.

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Gather feedback in your mobile app


Extend the functionality of UserVoice with a seamless, native experience using our SDKs for iOS and Android.

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Gather feedback through other teams

Contributor Sidebar

Enable customer-facing teams to efficiently collect and aggregate feedback directly from users and extract insights. Get direct, contextual feedback through your customer teams so you can determine the value of the feedback based on objective customer data.

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Contributor sidebar
Product feedback in one system

Manage all your product feedback in one place

Regardless of where your feedback comes from, UserVoice aggregates it in a single centralized location so you can quickly find trends to drive roadmap decisions.

Apples to apples feedback

Because we tie all feedback to the customer, you can aggregate and compare requests from different channels and teams. You’ll know what is being asked, collectively who is asking, and how often.

Organize and compare product feedback