Ditch the mail composer

There’s an easier way to provide great in-app support that prevents churn & bad ratings.

Cut out all the junk (emails)

An email composer, prefilled with debug information, results in lots of blank emails from confused users hitting send when they meant to go back. Our contact form is friendlier experience that eliminates those blank requests clogging up your inbox.

Cut your support load in half

With an in-app knowledgebase and our Instant Answers technology, which intelligently suggests solutions to issues as users type out their message.

Get the information to route requests intelligently

Customize your contact form with custom questions and metadata to prioritize and route requests to the right folks on your team.

Knowledge Base
Instant Answers™
Custom fields
Knowledge Base
Instant Answers™
Custom fields

Want to see it in action?

We’ve created a couple demo apps using our Mobile SDK. Install one and kick the tires:

iPhone Demo AppAndroid Demo App

Get the data to pinpoint issues quickly

…and solve more issues on the first reply without all the back and forth

Get user data directly from your app or backend

Pass in all the custom user metadata your heart, and support team, desires. Have a custom backend or CRM system? Custom gadgets give you a window into those systems directly alongside the issue at hand.

Crash and device data from Crittercism

Simply install both UserVoice and Crittercism SDKs into your app and you’ll immediately know device info, any recent crashes, os version, app version, and more for every support request.

UserVoice Inspector

Get the feedback you need

Go beyond support. Get the feedback you need to get 5 stars and keep users coming back.

Know what’s important without all the leg work

Don’t respond to the same feedback over and over. Our unique way of collecting feedback means your users will do the hard work of identifying and voting up the feedback you should be paying attention to.

Talk to thousands a single click

Responding to feedback is an easy as getting it. With a single click you can publicly (or privately) message every user that wanted that great new feature you just added.

Feedback forums
Status updates
Subscribe to an idea
Feedback forums
Status updates
Subscribe to an idea

Spend time building your app not your support tools

UserVoice SDKs can be installed in minutes giving your developers time to focus on what really matters.

User identity integration couldn’t be easier

Grease the wheels by passing in the current user name and email. Don’t have that data? No worries, we’ll be sure to ask.

Complete customization

Don’t want feedback forums? No problem. Want to skip the portal page and link directly to the contact form? Can do. Design controls and multi-language support? Check. Want to go further? Fork our GitHub repo and customize to your heart’s content.

UserVoice for iOS with just a couple lines of code:

UVConfig *config = [UVConfig configWithSite:@"mysite.uservoice.com"];
  [UserVoice initialize:config];
  [UserVoice presentUserVoiceInterfaceForParentViewController:self];

UserVoice for Android with just a couple lines of code:

Config config = new Config("mysite.uservoice.com");
  UserVoice.init(config, this);