Vice President of Sales in San Francisco

Are you as comfortable on a discovery call as you are discussing the conversion ratios of your team? Did you just read an article on the top five characteristics of successful change-oriented leaders? Is your playbook more detailed than the wikipedia entry on the Franco-Prussian war? Can you rattle off the intricate details of the major deals your team is working on? Yup, we are definitely looking for you!

At UserVoice we create a product management platform which helps companies listen to their customers, intelligently prioritize their product roadmap, and provide an excellent customer experience. Everyone from sales to support wants to have input on product decisions, but no one has a good process for doing that (by our last survey 86% of companies don’t). That’s what we’re here to solve and your team will be on the front lines of bringing our solution the the best product management groups and products in the world.

We’re looking for a very special individual who has a demonstrated ability to build an effective sales organization. Someone who’s built a highly efficient inside sales team from the ground up before or rode shotgun with someone else who did. We could tell you all that’s involved in that but you should already have more of an idea of what it takes than we do. Basically we’re looking for an “architect” who’s both a systems builder and an effective manager of sales people.

If you’re a self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit with a pragmatic streak, you’ll fit right in. We’re hiring A players (not rockstars, they just drink all night and sleep all day) - just the absolute best. We’ve got an incredible opportunity in front of us, a team cranking to execute, and we need someone else to help us get there. If you’re down to put in the hours and want to make a difference, this is the place for you.

Key responsibilities

  • Deliver consistent revenue and bookings based on pipeline created by marketing
  • Manage the team’s pipeline to focus on the most important/valuable deals
  • Build repeatable sales processes making it easy to onboard new reps
  • Accurately forecast revenues each month
  • Develop an individual coaching plan for each rep
  • Improve the close rates of junior reps
  • Identify key metrics to measure sales people
  • Structure the organization of the sales team to maximize the energy and efforts of each individual contributor
  • Develop closed loop reporting and work closely with marketing
  • Close big-name or big value deals in conjunction with the owning representative
  • Communicate frequently with the executive team (and the broader company) on your goals, metrics objectives, and progress

Need to have

  • 5+ years of experience in a sales role
  • 3+ years managing sales teams
  • Proven ability to hire and keep incredible talent
  • Track record of building successful inside sales teams and processes
  • Startup experience
  • A GSD attitude and the willingness to change processes and methods as we evolve
  • Ability to work daily in downtown San Francisco, CA

Nice to have

  • Experience selling a SaaS product to mid-market and enterprise companies
  • Fearlessness with a willingness to try new ideas, concepts, and be wrong (but definitely learn from the experience)
  • An unabashed desire to work with A players and an unwillingness to compromise
  • A track record of successful exits
  • A strong bench of previous colleagues who you can draw on to build out the team
  • Next steps

Sound right up your alley? Want to learn more? Start by providing your contact information, resume, and include a link to your LinkedIn profile.