Why work at UserVoice?

You live by values like ours.

Check out our values if you haven’t already. They’re the principles we live and work by every day, not because we have to but because that’s just the sort of people we are and with whom we like to spend our time.

You give a $*#& about our customers and their customers.

You understand the value of good customer service, of course, but more importantly you’re interested in helping to transform it from a “service” to an experience that changes people’s lives for the better. Vive la Revolution!

We care about your career.

We believe that helping you achieve your professional goals is important to your long-term happiness and success. We want you to learn from us, and us from you.

We’re not a startup sweatshop.

Here’s a peek and what you can expect from life at UserVoice:

  • A competitive salary and stock options.
  • Full medical, dental and vision coverage. No crappy HMOs either.
  • Hours are flexible, though everyone usually gets to the office by 9:00 am and leaves around 6:30 pm.
  • You like Apple products, right? Some of us work on laptops, others use 27-inch iMacs, and some both. It’s kinda up to you.
  • Our San Francisco office is located in SOMA just two blocks from BART and the Muni Railway. Caltrain is also within walking distance.
  • Our Raleigh (NC) office is located downtown, close to lots of great restaurants and easy-to-access parking.