How a top AppExchange company implements over 40% of user forum requests

Cirruspath exists because its customers willed it into being. Co-founder and CEO Ryan Huff was building custom apps for Salesforce users when he recognized demand for a product that integrated Salesforce with Gmail and Google Apps. From its genesis, the company has had a close relationship with its users. Huff developed Cirrus Insight and had over a thousand beta testers ready to give feedback before it launched.

Download the case study to read about how Cirruspath:

  • Scaled their process to manage feedback and support as their customer base grew rapidly
  • Built a single destination for all feedback from other channels
  • Use feedback for continued iteration on product post-launch

“Our entire development pipeline from day one has sprung from feedback from users and what they want and need from us."

Jason Hubbard VP of Marketing

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